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Zone 51

La série galactico-provençale


Zone 51, with its energy dome of death, its tentacled figurines and its xenopisou, is ruled with an iron fist by the terrible leader Krog. Millions of humans live there, deprived of freedom and watched over by alien soldiers hidden under fearsome armor. Among them Zia Caboufigue, a young teacher born in the occupied zone, whose life will change dramatically the day a mysterious fugitive takes her hostage and enlists her by force in the resistance to the Mauves…And if the invader was not not at all who she thought? Who is really whose alien?


Client : France Inter
Scriptwriter : Josselin Bordat
Producer : Josselin Bordat
Director : Benjamin Abitan
Casting : Esther Maârek
Illustration : Seb Cha


Art direction
Graphic design