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Episode 77 : Bref j'ai envoyé un texto.


An unemployed thirty-something, obsessed with a girl he met in the evening, shares his moods, his complexes and his reflections on daily life. Surrounded by more problematic characters than each other, an indelicate roommate, an importunate companion or an irresponsible father, he also reports on his progress in terms of seduction or job search. But his recurring bad luck, as well as the malevolence of certain members of his entourage, often get the better of his determination. Imagined, directed and performed by Kyan Khojandi, « Bref » was a huge success with its target audience, thanks to its relevant and « second degree » look at the problems of a generation.


Created and directed by Kyan Khojandi and Bruno Muschio.
Production : My Box Productions
Producer : Harry Tordjman
Graphic design & animation : Seb CHA


The Name / It’s chicken time baby
The Name / Religion and crunchy bacon
Brad Thomas Ackley & Dorion / Midside
Mim / Funkhope